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Plastic Surgery in San Diego, CA

If you’ve always dreamed of improving your appearance and diminishing the visible signs of the aging process, consider a plastic surgery procedure at Pollack Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in the Hillcrest area of San Diego and serving residents of La Jolla, Alpine, and nearby communities in Southern California.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery encompasses a wide range of procedures that rejuvenate certain areas of the body, correct imperfections in the skin and body, improving an individual’s personal appearance and self-esteem.

Why should I consider Plastic Surgery?

Plastic or cosmetic surgery can correct, enhance, or rejuvenate your face and body by improving conditions that detract from a person’s appearance. If you have concerns such as structural or aesthetic conditions resulting from birth defects, illness, surgery, or injury; or if you simply want to eliminate wrinkles, sagging skin, scars, and other visible signs of aging, plastic surgery may be indicative to improve your appearance, comfort, and self-confidence.

What kind of people benefit from Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is safe and effective and may be suitable for almost any healthy adult, and some procedures are even safe enough for children. The best way to determine if plastic surgery is right for you, as well as which procedures may be recommended for your specific condition, is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Pollack and our team of medical specialists at Pollack Plastic Surgery.

How should I prepare for Plastic Surgery?

It is best to plan ahead for your surgery to ensure you have time to properly rest and recover after a procedure. Our surgeon will evaluate your medical history and condition during your intake consultation, noting any hereditary problems. It is important to inform the doctor of any medications you are taking. Just like any surgery, some medications can affect the body or cause adverse reactions during a procedure, so you may need to suspend taking them for a period of time.

What can I expect during recovery from Plastic Surgery?

Depending on the person’s general health and the procedure performed, recovery after any surgical procedure varies with each individual. Other factors such as the patient’s age, sex, and general lifestyle may also affect the length of the recovery period. Our doctors provide detailed post-operative instructions for every patient. We urge all our patients to follow these instructions strictly to optimize the recovery process. Many plastic surgeries call for the use of compressive garments after the procedure, and in some cases, different garments may be required for men and women. Our friendly staff is accessible to offer support and information during every step of your recovery process.

Does Plastic Surgery provide permanent results?

Many surgical procedures are in fact considered permanent; however, although plastic surgery can take years off your appearance, it cannot prevent the aging process or how it may affect your appearance in the future. Over time, you may develop new concerns and decide to opt for follow-up treatments to address new problems that transpire as we age.

Plastic surgery procedures offered at Pollack Plastic Surgery:

Will I have visible scars after Plastic Surgery?

The goal of plastic surgery is an improved appearance. Therefore all procedures are performed in such a way that scars are minimally visible, in many cases camouflaged in natural skin folds or hidden under hair or clothing. Some surgeries actually leave little to no visible scarring, while others may leave very thin scars that eventually fade.

Does health insurance cover Plastic Surgery?

Most health insurance policies will cover reconstructive surgery, whereas others may only cover a portion of it. Cosmetic surgery is rarely covered by health insurance when categorized as an elective procedure that is not medically necessary. Pollack Plastic Surgery provides flexible financing through outside financing companies so patients can make flexible monthly payments.

For residents of San Diego, La Jolla, Alpine, and nearby communities in California who want to rejuvenate their appearance, contact Pollack Plastic Surgery, which is conveniently located in Hillcrest area of San Diego.

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Pollack Plastic Surgery

3720 Fourth Avenue
San Diego CA 92103

Tel: (619)824-3617