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Will My Insurance Pay for a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover in San Diego, CAWhile the gift of a child is one of the most beautiful things a mother can experience, the effects of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood on a woman cannot be ignored. Luckily, the mommy makeover procedure can address many of the effects that a woman experiences through these processes. In fact, many patients find that they look and feel younger than ever thanks to mommy makeover procedures. So while the benefits of treatment seem obvious, the first question on everyone’s mind is “will my insurance cover it?”

Insurance & Your Mommy Makeover

As a cosmetic procedure, the mommy makeover treatment is almost never covered by insurance providers. There are a few exceptions, and these are only made when there is a legitimate health-related need to have the procedure performed. Since mommy makeovers are nearly fully cosmetic, patients may have to look for other solutions when it comes to budgeting for this procedure.

Financing Your Mommy Makeover

Luckily, there are more financing options than ever when it comes to the mommy makeover and other cosmetic surgeries. Healthcare lending companies like CareCredit® provide patients with an affordable option when it comes to paying for cosmetic surgery. These services allow patients to pay for their treatment in affordable monthly installments, as opposed to a large, one-time out-of-pocket payment. Many of these lenders also offer competitive interest rates, making these options even more affordable.

Other Payment Options

In addition to traditional financing, you may consider using a credit card or taking out a loan to pay for your mommy makeover. Although the interest rates on these methods can be a little higher than those from healthcare lenders, it may be a more accessible option for some patients. In some cases, you might be able to borrow money from a close friend or family member. This may even allow you to take advantage of interest-free borrowing, which can be a significant cost advantage over traditional lenders.


If you are considering a mommy makeover, or if you’d like to determine the cost of your mommy makeover treatment, contact us today at Pollack Plastic Surgery.

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Contact Us

Pollack Plastic Surgery

3720 Fourth Avenue
San Diego CA 92103

Tel: (619)639-7999