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Functional and Beautiful – A Tummy Tuck Can Fix Your Back Pain

The tummy tuck has been a tried and true method for removing unwanted fat and sagging skin around the tummy area for years. It’s now been proven that this procedure not only helps with your plunging tummy, it also helps reduce your post-natal back pain.

Does your back hurt after your baby?

You went through nine months of carrying your child, went through labor and delivery, and now you’re experiencing moderate to severe back pain. You’re not alone. According to a study done at nine Australian plastic surgery centers, an astounding 51 percent of women said they suffered a moderate to severe disability from back pain.

Knock Out Two Problems at Once!

In the study done by nine Australian plastic surgery centers, an overwhelming amount of women found they had less severe back pain in the months following their tummy tuck. Doctors found only nine percent of women reported having the same pain just six months after the surgery. Now, you can get rid of your back pain and get rid of your unwanted tummy area at the same time!

What Can I Expect From My Tummy Tuck?

In addition to less severe back pain in the months to come, you can also look forward to a slimmer and more toned silhouette. Dr. Pollack at Pollack Plastic Surgery specializes in the Tummy Tuck 2.0, which is ideal for patients with weakened abdominal muscles and loose skin around the abdominal region.

What’s Different About the Tummy Tuck 2.0?

This type of tummy tuck has multiple benefits over the traditional tummy tuck. The tummy tuck 2.0 ensures a 50 percent faster recovery time, a dramatically less painful recovery and no need for post-operative drains.

Am I a Candidate?

You’re a great candidate for the tummy tuck 2.0 if you have unwanted sagging skin around the abdominal area and moderate to severe back pain. This type of procedure is performed all the time on healthy men and women, producing dramatic and long-lasting results. You should not get the procedure done if you are planning to become pregnant in the future.

Pollack Plastic Surgery offers the tummy tuck 2.0 to residents of La Jolla, Alpine and neighboring communities in Southern California. Contact us to book your consultation today.

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Contact Us

Pollack Plastic Surgery

3720 Fourth Avenue
San Diego CA 92103

Tel: (619)824-3617