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Difference Between a Tummy Tuck and a Panniculectomy in San Diego, CA

Tummy Tuck in San Diego, CA

You may be somewhat familiar with a tummy tuck and what it involves. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure to help your abdominal area have a smoother, flatter and more toned appearance. A tummy tuck achieves this look by tightening the abdominal muscles and removing any extra fat or excess skin and tissue.

There’s another procedure, similar to a tummy tuck, called a panniculectomy. This surgical procedure is often done for patients who have experienced significant weight loss and are left with a flap of excess skin, called a ‘pannus’, across their lower abdomen.

This ‘apron’, as it’s sometimes called, can be large enough in many cases to interfere with everyday activities, such as walking, driving, sitting or exercising. A panniculectomy removes that apron of excess fat and skin tissue.

The skin that’s left is pulled tight and sutured together, creating a shapelier, more slender appearance. It’s sometimes necessary for the surgeon to create a new belly button to complete a natural look to the stomach.

The biggest difference between a tummy tuck and a panniculectomy is that a tummy tuck actually tightens the muscles and removes excess skin and fat, while a panniculectomy focuses more on just eliminating the excess skin and fat, leaving the muscles out of the equation altogether.

Tummy Tuck 2.0 – A New Alternative

Dr. Robert Pollack, of Pollack Plastic Surgery, was among the first plastic surgeons in the San Diego area to utilize the innovative techniques of the Tummy Tuck 2.0. These techniques allow his patients to not only recover more quickly but to suffer less pain while doing so.

His signature Tummy Tuck 2.0 includes several deviations from traditional tummy tucks, including the following:

  • Liposuction – Lipo is included in a Tummy Tuck 2.0 and is used to help shape the hips. Conventional tummy tucks don’t affect the hips and usually do not add liposuction to the surgery. Adding liposuction to the Tummy Tuck 2.0 provides additional body shaping and contouring.
  • No drains – Most tummy tuck surgeries involve leaving drains coming out from the incisions during the recovery period. Dr. Pollack uses a unique ‘quilting suture’ to secure the skin to the underlying layer of muscle. This eliminates the space where fluids typically tend to accumulate. With no fluid accumulation, there’s no need for drains.
  • Long-lasting medication – Dr. Pollack’s patients are injected with long-lasting pain medicine during the Tummy Tuck 2.0 procedure. This gives his patients pain relief as soon as they wake up after surgery, with the relief lasting for about 72 hours following the procedure.

The need for a pain pump is eliminated as well as oral pain meds that tend to disorient you or knock you out completely. You won’t experience post-op nausea and you won’t wake up feeling pain because you slept through a scheduled dose of pain medicine.

These deviations from typical tummy tucks mean you’ll experience less pain, allowing you to be moving around earlier and more easily during recovery. Early movement after surgery helps make recovery time significantly shorter.

The Last Word

Whatever is causing your abdominal area to look less than your ideal image of yourself, there’s a solution to be found at Pollack Plastic Surgery. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation for you.


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Pollack Plastic Surgery

3720 Fourth Avenue
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Tel: (619)824-3617